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About the work of testosterone 60mg phenylpropionate

It is a form of injectable solution that has been considered as a substitute for the propionate and this steroid is mainly used by the body builders for building their muscles in their body. The 60mg testosterone phenylpropionate continues to be the popular steroid for its potential in enhancing the accelerated muscle mass, musculature and the strength and it is also used for increasing the libido level in the body. The dosage level of the testosterone phenylpropionate steroid for men is anywhere between 300mg to 125mg that too twice in a week along with the cycling every 5 to 8 weeks. The testosterone phenylpropionate steroid exhibits a short half life with the efficiency lasting for about four days and the use of this drug typically causes the increase in the blood level within six hours and this effect lasts for three to four hours.

The 60mg testosterone phenylpropionate steroid is a fast release form of testosterone where it causes the fluctuations in the hormone levels that are appreciated by the body builders for having the quick increase in the muscle strength and size. But the problem is the muscle gain disappears within a few weeks after stopping the use of the drug. As a hormone the testosterone can impact on the body functions not only in the endocrine system but also in the place of metabolism and it also have the impact on the cholesterol levels and as being such potential interfering in the ability of the body it regulates the levels of cholesterol. There are two types of cholesterol levels found they are.

  • HDL which means High Density Lipoprotein and it is used to refer that the cholesterol level is good.
  • LDL which means Low Density Lipoprotein and it is used to refer that the cholesterol level is bad.

By this you can identify the causes made in the cholesterol level, endocrine system because of taking the harmful and heavy dosage steroids.

About the side effects of the testosterone phenylpropionate

Every drug has the potential to cause the side effects in the body when it is used as like that the testosterone phenylpropionate also have the number of side effects when it is used and it happens especially when men takes over 350mg of dosage per week. Some of the most common side effects are retention of water in the muscles, increases the breast size in the men ie development of gynecomastia. The smaller side effects include increase in the growth of the body hair, acne or development of oily skin and increase the facial hair.

These side effects are due to the estrogenic because it is the one of the injections and supplements that increases the estrogen level in the body of men which leads to gain the weight, gynecomastia and water retention in muscles of the body. So it is advisable to use the 60 mg testosterone phenylpropionate steroid for avoiding the problem of the side effects in the body. Especially when you use the steroids recommended by the physician then it will not lead you to adverse risk of serious side effects like cardiovascular disease.