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Video Conferencing in Training and E-Learning

For the biggest in general, confronted with time and travel constraints, e-learning or video conference training perfectly meets your needs. With these innovative technologies, you do not need to travel. You can attend your classes from your home or your workplace as the classes take place live in the classrooms inside the site of the organization you have chosen. You converse directly with your teacher thanks to your webcam equipped with a microphone.

Video conferencing is similar to the telephone except that you can see the caller. It is also possible to integrate a video conferencing system with application sharing, that is, the possibility for participants to use the same software such as PowerPoint or Word, to work from common files. It is therefore possible to work jointly on the same document or computer file (a little as if the participants were in the same room and worked face to face). Be flexible in organization (choice of schedules, Professors), tailor-made schedules, teachers around the world and attractive prices (preferential packs). Other services available include online assessment, chat, file sharing (video, audio, images and flash), shared interactive whiteboard, the ability to save a web conference (Annotated documents, chat, whiteboard), the possibility of issuing you a certificate attesting to the attendance and progress you have made.

For children and distance education, register by contacting the distance learning organization is your choice. The latter will then provide you with a list of the administrative documents to send. The procedure with the mayor’s office and the Academic Inspection of your department will then be carried out by the chosen body. Proceed with registration during the summer to have the time to organize well and to read the course material, beginning in September, like all other children. However, some organizations offer registration on the card, it is therefore possible to register at any time of the year. After registration, if you live in France, a pedagogical and social control can take place three months after the Enrollment at home to verify that the insured education is in accordance with the rights of the child. This check will be carried out by an inspector of the Academic Inspectorate of your department.

Some children do all their education in distance education, others do one or several years, and then return to the traditional school system. When the child is under the age of 16, simply apply for reinstatement at the primary or college level desired. After that age, the reinstatement is done on the advice of the head of the establishment following a test of level carried out in May. For children traveling constantly with their families, the process is different. Reintegration must be negotiated. Please note that for the organization of examinations abroad, you must contact the French Embassy of the host country where you live.

For those interested in e-learning and video conferencing technologies in Flash, be aware that they are compatible with most operating systems and do not require any previous installation of software to download. You simply need to have Flash installed and an Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) on your computer and have a broadband Internet connection.

To register, go to the website of the organization you have chosen. Fill in the form provided and pay by credit card in general (secure payment). You will be given a username and password to access the platform. After confirming and activating your account, you will be able to access the client area on the organization’s website via your browser, giving your username and password given previously. Once you have entered, you will be able to choose your teachers, the schedules that arrange you and enjoy a range of services allowing you to benefit from a pleasant training.