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Top 3 Things to Do around Komodo National Park

These days, with the crazy life of mega city, a lot of people seek for an escape to relieve the excessive stress that they experience every day. One of a way to do that is by having a vacation to foreign places. Komodo National Park becomes one of the most visited places for vacation in Indonesia. It is due to the popularity of komodo dragons that is live in the island.

In this passage, we will give brief description about some of things to do in Komodo Island during your vacation.

  • Observing Milky Way above Komodo Islands: if you are looking for a place where you can see the magnificent Milky Way with naked eye, Komodo Islands is a great place to fulfill your dream. Having dinner or simply drinking under the starry sky sounds like a scene that you can only have in a movie. This island offers magical and breathtaking views that you can never forget for the rest of your life. This activity is very popular night activity among tourist, both domestic and international. The clearest place to see the Milky Way is form Atlantis Restaurant because its location is pretty secluded compared to other restaurants. Another great way to watch the Milky Way is by joining boat tour. At the ocean where no artificial lights exist, you can admire the greatness of the nature at its finest.
  • Hiking at Padar Island: this activity is one of the most favorite activities recommended by tourist. This hiking trek is not as difficult as most hiking trek and the scenery that is offered at the top of the hills is truly stunning. Most boat tours included this activity in their package. Once you reach the peak of this island, you will be greeted with the scene beaches with three different colors. Yes, you can see white sand, black sand and even pink sand beaches, only separated by glistening blue water and land ridges. The tour guide from boat tours is more than willing to guide you to this island, so do not forget to ask.
  • Tasting local cuisine: if you want some culinary exploration of traditional Indonesian cuisine, Komodo Island provides numerous restaurants that you can visit. One of the most recommended restaurants is Atlantis Restaurant. Located not far from the center of Labuan Bajo area, you can reach this restaurant by short drive. This restaurant does not only offer delicious food, but also unique and interesting ambience, because this restaurant is made from an old-fashioned and huge pirate ship. The menus that are offered include fried fish and grilled fish. If you want to try a more westernize food, Mediterranenano is great place to visit. This restaurant provides various steaks, from tuna to beef.

The activities that are listed above are several fun things to do in Komodo Island based on reviews by famous and experienced travelers. Those activities should be great representatives for the experience and memories that you will get from choosing Komodo Island as your holiday destination.