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How Severe Can Be The Side Effects Caused By The Consumption Of Stanozolol

To consume any health supplement or performance enhancement drug properly, it is important to understand the side effects of it. Same is the case with Stanozolol. There are certain potential side effects that occur due to the consumption of this anabolic androgenic steroid. There are certain ways that would help you lower the impact of the Stanozolol.

How severe is the impact of Stanozolol?

Unlike other steroid, Stanozolol is quite mild in nature. Due to this nature, people need not worry about water retention and Gynecomastia on consuming it. Stanozolol never aromatize, so its side effects are less noticeable as compared to other steroids available on the market.

What are the possible side effects caused due to Stanozolol consumption?

Out of the various side effects that can be caused due to Stanozolol, the major one being cholesterol issue. This side effect tops the list. Overdosage of this steroid negatively influences cholesterol level in a person. It does this by increasing the level of bad cholesterol or LDL and reducing good cholesterol or HDL in the body.

The second main disadvantage of excess dosage of Stanozolol consumption is that it suppresses secretion of testosterone in the male body. When this steroid is taken alone, then the level of testosterone starts going below the normal level. This reduces sex drive and also leads to modification in the properties of sperm.

The third type of side effect caused by Stanozolol steroid is liver toxicity. This is due to the hepatic nature of this steroid. Excess consumption of it increases the level of liver enzyme in the body which in turn harms the liver.

What can be done to lower the impact of its side effect?

To recover from Stanozolol cycles side effects, you need to follow the cholesterol friendly diet. Exclude all those food items that are rich in fatty acids. Consuming healthier and less fatty food will help in improving levels of cholesterol in the body.

Also, it is advised to combine Stanozolol with a specific type of testosterone supplement to maintain the right levels of this androgen steroid in the body.


There are some of the negative reactions that can be caused due to over consumption of this steroid. Following precautions and a disciplined approach would definitely help in keeping all its side effects at bay.