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Review Of The Best Masticating Juicer For 2017: Omega NC900hdc

A vital element of a super-healthy lifestyle is Juicing. It doesn’t matter how you go about it or what machine you are using, the mere fact that you opt for naturally fresh juice over those that come in cans or bottles makes you better off. This is because most of the nutrients that can be gained from consuming the fresh juice you prepare at home are often not present in those that are processed industrially. Perhaps most of the “natural flavoured” juice and beverages found in the market are often loaded with sweeteners and other additives, which can pose serious health challenges. Believe it or not, nothing works better than your own homemade fresh juice. Just as confirmed by a comprehensive Omega NC900hdc Review.

Now that you have set out to make your own juice, wouldn’t it be nice if you do it with the best juicer available? Most of us like it cold as far as juicing is concerned. If you want an efficient juicer machine that can extract juice without producing heat, then a masticating juicer is definitely your top shot.

In order to make your search for the most economic and efficient masticating juicer a whole lot easier, we have done all the hard work and come up with a review of one of the best products in the market, the OmegaNC900HDCjuicer.

Omega NC900HDC review

Omega is one of the most convenient masticating juicers available. It makes juicing more of fun than a tedious task. With a rotation speed of 80rpm, this machine will carefully and slowly cut anything you put into it. A small motor is included to ensure quiet operation and greater efficiency. Just like the less conventional hydraulic press juicers, Omega completely extracts the juice from the pulp making sure nothing is left behind.

Key features

Easy Operation: Compared to most masticating juicers, the NC900HDC is fairly easier to use. No need to cut produce into smaller bits; just a single slice from the centre is enough.

Maximum nutrient retention: if you need a juicer that is guaranteed to extract maximum nutrients from fruits and vegetables with no foam retention, then there is no better option than this machine. The high quality juice obtained from this machine tastes good and can even be used to prepare baby foods.

Easy to clean: the pulp produced from this juicer is usually dry, thus leaving no remains in the opening. There is hardly anything left to clean apart from the pulp residue, which you can easily remove. However, you need to clean the inside severally before using it again.

Maximum Juice Yield: The Omega NC900HDC uses a squeezing technique that ensures maximum juice extraction from produce leaving behind only a dry pulp

Pros of Omega NC900HDC

  • Takes less time to produce juice
  • Comes with a larger chute
  • High juice quality
  • Maximum juice yield
  • Less noise

Cons of Omega NC900HDC

  • Extremely dry pulp residue, which often leaves some pulp in the juice
  • Not efficient for juicing apples

Final insights about Omega NC900HDC

If you desire a machine that will give you sweet quality juice for your juicing time and money, then the Omega NC900HDC is a product you should consider. It might not be a “perfect” juicer (in fact, no juicer is!), but it will definitely make a great choice for your family.