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Learn how to use testosterone and know its effects!!!

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Testosterone is the male hormone that is produced by the pituitary glands and is responsible for taking care of the male sex features of an individual and is produced in his testis. This is also produced in very small amount in females. The testosterone is also produced by both males and females in their endocrine glands. The laws associated with intake of testosterone are different in every country. The dosage of testosterone depends upon its condition of treatment. There are different forms of testosterone, including testosterone cypionate, testosterone propionate and testosterone enanthate.

The most common form of the testosterone is used in making treatment of hypogonadism. The hypogonadism is a condition of low level of testosterone in men. This is also a prescription only drug, but is still misused and abused by a number of bodybuilders and athletes. The side effects on intake of this steroid may also take place, if taken in the dosage higher than the dosage recommended by a physician. The users are recommended to be aware of the how to use the testosterone, how does it functions in the body, its side effects, its interactions and dosage recommendations, etc.

The use of the Depo- testosterone and its dosage recommendations are meant to fulfill the goals of an individual. The reactions of every individual on its intake may vary and depends on the given factors, including:

  • Dosage
  • Age
  • Milligram strength
  • Metabolism
  • Wight and body composition and many more.

This is believed that as higher the dosage is, the higher its effects will be. The Depo testosterone is available in the potency of 200mg per milliliter and in the 1ml or 2ml tablets. The injectable form of the testosterone is known as the Depo testosterone. The users are recommended to inject it on a weekly basis with a dosage ranging from 200mg to 600mg weekly. The shorter cycle will be approximately up to 6weeks, whereas the longer cycle will be of 12 weeks.

This has been seen that one of the physicians suggested a recommended dosage of 50mg every two weeks to a month and can be increased up to 400 mg if required. This dosage has been recommended, so as to get the potential of the side effects reduced.

Side effects of testosterone:

Below mentioned are the severe as well as the mild side effects of the testosterone:

  • These drugs are meant to reduce the risk of the female side effects like the dreaded Gynecomastia, abdominal bloating and water retention.
  • These drugs have the potential to reduce the potential side effects of the testosterone injections.
  • The intake of the anabolic androgenic drugs like testosterone cypionate may also increase the risk of life threatening and severe side effects.
  • Cardiovascular effect, liver health, development of testicular atrophy, suppression of endogenous testosterone, etc.

Thus, it is suggested that the users must be aware of how to use the testosterone in its different forms. It is not disputed to make use of the anabolic androgenic steroids.