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Learn More to Protect Your Body from the Inconvenient Problems of Steroids

Androgenic anabolic steroids, as they are known by almost everybody, were discovered in the 1930s, and since then have been used to develop skeletal muscles and male sexual characters.

The mode of administration of this type of treatment is oral, by injection or in the form of creams or gels. In case of oral and injectable treatment, the dose of anabolic steroids will be determined by your doctor based on the diagnosis resulting from the medical check-up. Moreover, there is the possibility that two or more types of steroids may be combined, which will result in a greater beneficial effect on the body. On the other hand, if your doctor decides it necessary, he or she may order a type of pyramid treatment, which means that anabolic steroids will be given in the form of 6 and 12-week cycles. Treatment in this case will begin at low doses, but will progressively increase until the maximum dose is reached, at which point the dose will be gradually lowered until the initial amount returns.

The side effects of administration of anabolic steroids

Liver lesions – Recent studies have shown a direct link between treatment based on anabolic steroids and some medical conditions in the liver. In this way, steroids directly affect the excretion function of the liver, which can lead to cystic hemorrhage or even cancer.

Cardiovascular lesions – Although views are divided, studies that have been performed have revealed that anabolic steroids are at least a risk factor in the development of certain vascular disorders, blood pressure problems and lipoprotein levels, such as cholesterol.

Male reproductive system injuries – With regard to the action of anabolic steroids on the male reproductive system, specialists are alerting themselves to an alarm, the effects of which may be the most serious, such as:

Severe erectile dysfunction or even impotence, despite the fact that libido remains high; Atrophy or testicular withdrawal (this manifestation occurs most often if the dose of anabolic strokes is too high).

It is difficult to prevent unwanted side effects taking into account that treatment should not be interrupted just to see the results.