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How to Differentiate Between a Real Rolex And a Replica

There is always a difference between a Rolex and its replica, they can look similar but if you know the real one with the specifications, then there is never an issue.

How To Differentiate Between A Real Rolex And A Replica? Check it out

There can be minute difference that only the perfectionist can able to make out, as you we will discuss some of the differences below:Related image

  1. The hands of the original Rolex watches work in different manner, the second’s hand make a jerky noise while moving like “tick, tick, tick”, like quartz watches while the originals have a very smoother functioning of second hand unlike the quartz watches.
  2. Rolex watches usually have on their right side of the dial, some of the Rolex watches to get it clear use a magnified glass so that it appears clearly. But the others that are not original doesn’t carry a magnified glass.
  3. Take your Rolex and turn it around and you will find a smooth texture of high class metal that will surely help you in recognition of the original watch.
  4. If in any case you do not able to satisfy yourself about the originality you can visits the Rolex website, in which they have a catalogue to see, that will help you in knowing your watch better and its specifications too.

The Rolex watch is a luxury, to have in the wardrobe. But you may be fool around by people on the name of Rolex, so try to get it through the original brand only and authorised stores or websites. It will help you in making your trust stronger and you will never be going to fail with the brand. So, look for the authorized dealer as it will take help you in providing quality repair services.