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How Cheap and High Protein Flour Can Be Effective

Studies show that 90% of Indians are Protein Deficient. Protein is essential for proper body growth and functioning, and hence Protein intake is important. Therefore, Protein Deficiency is a matter of concern! Where many people switch to non-vegetarian diet, artificial alternatives, protein supplements or protein shakes, this is not possible for everyone and expensive too. Flour is a part of the staple diet of any individual, and in these conditions, finding a cheap and high protein flour can be a master plan!

We should know that every flour is not the same. Different Flours have different Protein contents, according to the source and the manufacturing process. High Protein Wheat Flour and Soy Flour are few of the High Protein Flours which can be included in our daily lives, to fulfil the Protein intake. In general, High Protein Wheat flour is sold with the label of “high protein” or “bread flour.” While regular all in one flour and cake flour offers only 6-8 gm of Protein per 100 gm, this type of flour provides 362 calories per 100 grams, only with 1 gram of fat, 15 grams of protein. High Protein Wheat Flour can be used to make dense, cakes, daily bread and other daily delicacies.

Wheat flour protein is not complete and lacks some of the essential amino acids, naturally found inside complete protein sources such as eggs and meat. But, it can be helpful and fulfil most of the Protein demands of an average person at low prices. Soy Flour which is a cheap and nutritious high protein flour can be an alternative too. High in Protein Content, Soy Flour contains 47 grams of protein per 100 gm, along with 329 calories, 1 gram of fat, 38 grams of carbohydrates. Additionally, Soy flour is gluten-free and hence is appropriate for people on a gluten-free diet too. Soy Flour contains all the amino acids required by the body, and hence complete on its own!

Now, there is no need to shift to a non-vegetarian diet, or ruin your body with any kind of artificial alternatives! Say goodbye, to expensive Protein Supplements and Protein Shakes! Finally, Cheap and High Protein Flour is to your rescue. Just switch to High Protein Flour instead of your normal flour, and play an active and strong life. Now, Stay healthy with Cheap and High Protein Flour!