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The Best Wine Delivery Services in China

Who doesn’t want to spend a quality day at home sipping some wine and watching some movies alone or with some loved ones? What will you do if there is no wine left at home and you have a sudden visit from guests? Those are the times when wine delivery services come handy. You don’t have to leave the vicinity of your house, you can just relax and order wine through any wine delivery service available.

Listed below are some wine delivery services available in China:

  1. Fancy Cellar

They are one of the best and most preferred online wine delivery services available in China. Along with wine, they offer various types of drinks such as Gin, Beer, etc. You can select from the given section the type of Wine you want. The Wines are imported from different other countries such as France, Italy, Chile, Australia and many more. The best thing is, you can also select what type of grape wine you want. There are varieties of grapes that you can choose from such as, Merlot, Chardonnay and many more. And also you can choose from the given price range if you are on a tight budget. They also offer the sale on their website so as to gain more customers. They have two types of delivery service, one which is normal in which the product gets delivered within 24 hours and the second one is express in which the product gets delivered just within 1 hour.

  1. Shanghai9

They deliver imported wine in all the major cities. Their wines are exotic and they provide a very good service for the customers. Not just wines, they are popular for delivering many alcoholic as well as non- alcoholic drinks such as Vodka, Beer, Champagne, etc. They also offer special offers for their customers on regular basis.

  1. Bottle XO

Bottle XO is one of best online application that is used for wine delivery. It does not matter where you are, you can order a bottle of wine and within 60 minutes it will be delivered to you. They have many happy customers because of their super fast delivery.

  1. Flametree Wines

They are popular Australian brand which provides services in China as well. They have the collection of finest wines. You can choose from different varieties and it will be delivered to you. The delivery charges are free of cost if you order more than 24 bottles of wine and they take minimum order is for 6 bottles.

  1. WineNZ

They are mainly popular for delivering New Zealand’s wines throughout China. They take extra precaution while delivering the bottles of wine to your doorstep. They deliver the wine right from New Zealand to your house within 5-10 days with reasonable shipping charges. Sometimes, the orders are in bulk. So, for that scenario, they offer special services and reasonable shipping cost for the customers.

So what are you waiting for? Start your day by ordering the most exotic and finest wine from any available online service now.