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Anavar steroid and its benefits

Many steroids are available in the market that promises many things. But many of them are fake or replica of existing combinations. Users who use steroids for the first time will have to be very careful in choosing their product as they may either end up with a counterfeit product or end up with a wrong product recommended by someone. When it comes to faith and reliability there are only a few brands available in the market that has been withstanding its place for almost a decade.

Do Anavar users need PCT post the cycle?

Anavar is one such drug which has its own place for almost a decade now. This drug is highly recommended by users and trainers online and has many positive reviews. Anavar is known for its mild anabolic nature when compared to other anabolic products available in the market. When taking any type of steroids, the body loses its natural composition and tries to get tuned to the type of drug that has been taken. So, when stopping this dosage user should consult with a physician and see if they need to take any post cycle therapy to bring back their body to the old position. Without this PCT, many drugs cause harmful effects to the liver and hormone levels. This is the case with most of the steroids. So, with anavar when to start your post cycle therapy. But with anavar one does not actually need a PCT. Since this drug is very mild and less anabolic in nature, there are very small changes to hormone levels in the boys. Also, anavar is capable of giving a very lean muscle cut without water retention. This is main added advantage as without water retention, there are many possible side effects that can be avoided. Hence this drug is recommended for both men and women.

How good is anavar for the body builders?

Anavar is not a drug that is designed for bodybuilders. This drug is very mild and has very less anabolic property, thus the side effects to the body are also minimal. But at the same time, due to less anabolic effect and no major impact to testosterone levels, this drug is not capable of giving major bulking effect. This drug though can help the users in gaining a leaner frame by helping them to loose extra fat. Thus, to sum up, anavar is a drug with multiple capabilities but this cannot be solely used for body building purpose. Anavar can be stacked up with other drugs to get required effects.

Expert guidance and advice

Many expert and users recommend using anavar due to fewer side effects it has on user’s body. Thus, anavar is highly recommended even for the female users though the dosage might vary. As with this drug user many not worry about when to start with your post cycle therapy as anavar does not need any rounds of PCT. Thus, there are many advantages a user can count when using this drug. It is user’s choice on what they want and how to stack this up withaother drug to get desired results.