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Anavar product and popularity

When coming to weight loss there are many products available in the market. Most of these products can be purchased online without prescription or in retail stores. Every product being launched claims to give benefits and with heavy number of products being launched it is really difficult to pick a correct one. One such product that aids is weight loss is Anavar. This product is used by body builders mainly to stack up mass muscles and cut out unwanted fat. This product is classified as anabolic steroid that does not aromatize. It also does not interfere with normal testosterone production for men. Hence this product is well suited for men. This product can produce results within weeks and can be stacked up with other weight loss products to produce greater results. Due to these reasons this product is popular among weight lifters and other professionals.Image result for Anavar product and popularity

How it works?

This anabolic steroid helps in development of muscles without water retention. It also enhances muscle strength, flexibility and gives more stamina. The enormous amount of energy released is one of the reasons for breaking down body fat and cutting down mass muscles. This product is also responsible for release of other growth hormones like insulin, growth hormone (GH) and follicle stimulating hormone. Thus var doesn’t convert to estrogen which is main positive aspect of this anabolic steroid. Other products in similar category do not have this additional effect.  Caution in usage is required when used separately or combined with other products as it can produce adverse effects when not taken in proper dosages or used for a prolonged period.  Some of the known effects are liver toxicity, vomiting, hair loss, depression and muscle cramps.

Anavar Cycle

This Anavar is best product that can be combined with other weight loss products to produce significant results. Beginners can take 10mg of 100 Anavar tablets along with low consumption if other products in same category to start off with. However this product produces great results when taken in moderate doses. For instance 50 mg of Anavar for 8 weeks produces superficial effects. Also going beyond 80 mg is not recommended. In addition to this it should be seen the Anavar cycle should not continue more than 10 weeks. Women however should be prescribed only very mild dosages. It is recommended that women intake of Anavar should not exceed more than 10mg per day.

How to purchase this product?

Since this product is classified as steroid the usage is banned in many countries. Also the risk this product poses on irregular usage and prolonged usage poses a serious threat. Hence this product is banned or requires proper prescription for purchase. This product favors men more and hence attracts them a lot. Though this product can be used by both men and women the later should use it with more caution. Also this product always requires an additional product to work as a combination and produce greater results. This product can be purchased online without prescription but a clear understanding on dosage, cycle and with what product this can be stacked is essential. The main positive of this anabolic product is var doesn’t convert to estrogen which feature is not available with other products in same category. So it is advised you follow a clear instruction on dosage and cycle to get maximum benefit out of this product.