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A buyer’s guide to getting a quality vaporizer pen!

When you choose to buy a vaporizer pen, there are numerous questions that arise. 1st timers face many questions with very less relevant answers. The material, its unit and also the cost- all these can make things extremely difficult.

No worries, to help you out, here are some considerations to look into.

Some essential tips for neophytes when choosing a vaporizer pen:

Bud of the pen…

The primary thing which you have to check for is the bud of the vaporizer pen; more importantly, whether it matches up to your style or not. While there are some buds which work well for a few puffs, some come with a full chamber pack and last for 20 pulls.

Also, check if the device is portable or not. This will help you narrow down your search and allow you to get the pen you are after.

The material of the pen…

Next up is the material of vaporizer pen.  To simplify things, you can sort out which are the elements you want to puff. It can be dry herbs, e-juice concentrates, tobacco, dry herbs or even marijuana.

After that, you should look for its appropriate heating material which will produce the puffs. Some components are compatible with numerous materials, while some are for specific ingredients.

The battery of the pen…

You should always look out for battery which has a long life. Now, if that means paying up a bit more, so be it! A portable battery usually is a very good option, especially for young users.

Alternatively- you will also learn about some large ‘at home vaporizer’ through popular weed magazine or shopping portals. However, carriage is a concern there.

So, you should focus your attention to pens which have a long battery life and which is portable. The option to focus is – lithium-ion charge battery.

Heating of the pen…

Popular weed magazine or online sources will tell you that there are usually two ways of heating herbs and e-liquid.

The 1st is conduction, and the 2nd is the convection.

  • Conduction heating is the method where the e-liquid or herbs come directly in contact with the heat source.
  • Convection is when heat transfers straight into the e-liquids and herbs. However, it prevents the flowers from combusting.

The better option as per weed magazine or online sources is the convection burning mode. Reason being- they give out a more satiating vaping experience. They also host enhanced temperature controls. As an important factor- they are a touch expensive.

However if you plan want a premium vaping experience or vaping flowers, then you should go for a vaporizer pen with a conduction heating method.

The cost of the pen…

Cartridge vaporizers- Pens which have a pre-filled cartridge are the cheapest. The average price of those pens usually starts from $20. However, those which are of a bit higher quality come at a price of around $40-$50!

Flower vapes- These have a little more price, but still very affordable. You can get it at around $100. The best ones do cost $300.

Concentrated pens- Price is somewhere around $50-$100. At the start, they do look a bit complex in usage and requires knowledge about herbal concentrates. However, eventually, they get easier once you get familiar with using wax.

Some other inclusions:

These are some of the aspects you need to focus on when buying your 1st vaporizer pen. However, you should also include in your purchase list a quality grinder and a few skillet tools if your chosen pen does not come with one.

By catering to these above points, you will surely not run into any bottlenecks when choosing and purchasing a vaporizer pen. Here’s wishing you all the best.